Wondering What The Best Hair Remover Is?

As Maya thumbed idly through the fashion magazine she idly wondered about the best hair remover. “Look at all those models in those bras, underwear, and swimsuits, they are so hair free and smooth!” she thought to herself.

“Of course, they use airbrushing these days, but still, they can’t be gorilla’s to start with!” she reflected.

“They have to be using something to remove excess hair, I wonder what?” she pondered to herself.

“I bet they get waxed in salons, they probably have the pocketbooks for it.” she thought to herself.

“No, silly, if they have pocketbooks for salons, they have the money for laser hair removal or electrolysis!” she had a brain flash.

“Why put yourself through the pain of waxing every three to six weeks, because that’s how long it lasts between wax jobs.” she said to herself as she began to absently stroke the cat that had jumped up into her lap.

“Not when you can get the hair removed permanently using electrolysis. But, it can leave scarring if done improperly.” she thought.

“And state licensing varies from state to state, I wonder what the requirements are for my state?” the thought flitted through her mind.

“And the fine needle or probe being inserted into your skin to send the low-level electric current to your hair follicle must cause some pain.” she considered to herself.

“No, I don’t think electrolysis is for me.” she concluded to herself.

“There is always laser hair removal, or pulsed light is another option these days, I guess. I think it is much the same. Both use waves of light to target the melanin of the hair to destroy the hair follicle.” she thought as she continued to pet the cat which was purring loudly by now.

“But my hair is blond, and laser hair removal does not work well on blond, white or gray hair, it works best on people with dark hair and light skin.” she continued to reflect.

“I guess that leaves me out, it would be too expensive and multiple sessions would be hard to keep up with anyway!” she was feeling kind of exasperated as she thought about the problem.

“So, what does that leave little Ole me?” she was feeling unhappy with her options.

“Hm, depilatories don’t really work well for bikini lines, and you can’t use them on sensitive body parts like pubic areas anyway!” Maya thought in disgust as she picked up the magazine again and started to thumb through it again.

Then, she spied an ad for a body shaver in the magazine.

“What’s this?” she thought.

“A shaver? I’ve never considered a shaver. That might be the solution to my problem here!” she said to herself as she began to review the ad in interest.

“It comes with a body trimmer to trim, shape and sculpt body hair. That’s good! I can certainly use that!” she thought.

“Whooee, a French “landing strip” and all! That would be something! I could surprise Max with that!” she reflected as started to get excited at the idea.

“And this shaver provides a silky smooth shave, great for intimate areas, bikini lines, underarms, and face! That does it! This is just what I need!” she thought to herself excitedly.

“I’m going to give these models a run for their money, you just wait and see!” she thought feeling satisfied with herself.

Mayaはファッション雑誌を通してぼんやり使い込まとして、彼女はぼんやり最高の毛の除去について疑問。 “それらのブラジャー、下着、そして水着のすべてのこれらのモデルを見て、彼らはとても自由で滑らかな髪です!”彼女は彼女自身に考えた。”もちろん、彼らは、これらの日エアブラシ使用していますが、それでも、彼らはゴリラので開始することはできません!”彼女が反映されます。


















“Whooee、フランスの”滑走路 “とすべて!それは何だろう!私はそれでマックスを驚かせることができます!”彼女は、アイデアに興奮し始め反映。



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