Bikini Hair Removal: Nature Gets a Helping Hand

bikini.jpgBikinis come in all shapes and sizes – mostly very small – so you always need to practice bikini hair removal. This applies to males as well, but most often to females.

But if you’re like most people, the experience of removing hair at the bikini line is not one you relish. It’s not that it’s so hard to do, but more that it’s usually hard to live with afterwards.

But there is help -

Inside this website you’ll find a group of well written, informative and even sometimes, amusing, articles that cover similar experiences of bikini hair removal and how best to go about it to achieve a smooth look and feel that lasts.

Then you can be creative and use different bikinis and still have the look you want. With a clean bikini line, it is one of those few times when, “less is more”.

I have always been able to appreciate a clean bikini line, but for a long time thought it was part of nature`s perfection.

After all, a clean bikini line implies that the pubic hair isn’t showing, and hair, well, it grows.

It was only later I realized that at times, nature needs a helping hand. Many times a good hand. This helping hand can also be very creative, designing new shapes that can be geometrical or more, “modern art”.

And a good, steady hand with a wet razor is the best idea to avoid rashes and skin irritation.

Bikini hair removal can also have more than one helping hand. They do say many hands make light work, don`t they? Your partner may be glad to lend a hand.

You can also allow your imagination to play a hand. And create a, “hand-some”, finish – Oops, too many hands here.

If you want to do it yourself, or have someone close help you, you better make sure you have the right tools to reduce the risk of injury. As a good, “rule of thumb” … Don’t use a straight razor unless you have nerves of steel and a steady hand.

If you give nature a hand at home, you have immediately dropped from your list of bikini hair removal options laser treatments or electrolysis. This also makes it easier to choose.

For a smooth bikini line, your helping nature options are:

- Waxing

Applied hot or cold and then pulled off. If you choose this method of bikini hair removal, I suggest you try out a small area first and don`t pull slowly, (ouch!), but very quickly.

- Plucking

Okay … But it’s still a choice.

- Shaving with a wet razor

You have to use a small, sharp razor and wet the area beforehand. Preferably with warm water and applying foam. Leave the foam for around three minutes. Then shave in the direction of the hair growth. Don`t scrape over and over. Do trim the hair beforehand to avoid clogging the razor and make it easier to see what you are doing. When you’ve finished, dry without scrubbing. And apply some cream. Avoid sunlight for a short while and wear loose clothes.

- Electric shaver

Simple and easy to use. Trim the hair, preferably with an electric trimmer. Then shave, sculpt, design to your heart’s content. With or without extra helping hands. Follow the instructions and you wont have to worry about rashes or skin irritation.

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